Here are some open-source projects I work on at my spare time:


Java Virtual Machine implementation in pure python.

Compiler framework

Easy extendable LL parser. This is front end, producing a parsing tree. By applying rules abstract syntax tree gets created. Functionly is very simple functional language to demonstrate framework use case.

BrainF*ck interpreter and compiler

BrainF*ck implementation using the CompilerFramework. It contains both interpreter and compiler. BrainF*ck code gets compiled into java byte code (.class) and is executable on any jvm.

Native mobile applications for Git

Offline access to Git repositories for iOs and Android


Used to be a Git Repository hosting service. Was built on top of Amazon Web Services and had very similar approach of charging user only per resources consumed. Unfortunately, no source code to share.

Mobile libs and apps for Drupal

Skeleton for native mobile apps for Drupal CMS. Has several sub projects: native iOs Application, iOs api, drupal6 api and drupal7 api. This project is very old…